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Full Klaine scene from 5.16 including “Love is a Battlefield”

There is so much I love about this whole scene— 

The tension between Kurt and Blaine rolling into the song— all the little slights and irritations have been simmering on both sides, and then they figuratively and literally launch into attack!

I love the “admirer” trying to make time with Kurt, and the look he shoots Blaine when Blaine pulls Kurt away.

I love the instructor— so enthusiastic— and frankly one of the first NYADA professors I actually felt was competent in his subject.

The staging of the fight during the song told SO MUCH story, Kurt and Blaine mirroring each other, at odds with each other, frustration and anger very palpable but tightly controlled. Visually powerful staging too.

When Kurt gets his first good “thwack” at Blaine— you can see one of Kurts “admirers” squee and clap his hands in the background. I loved that detail.

Kurt is on the offensive out of the gate, relentless— and Blaine fights back with more vigor but can’t keep his control focused and flounders. Even after Kurt’s earlier inner dialogue about noticing Blaine is having a hard time adjusting at NYADA and trying to look out for him— he is holding nothing back here.

The humiliation Blaine feels at being beaten, and I feel more the point the way he was beaten, not just that he “lost the fight”, mixed in with the jumble of emotions swirling the tables turning and elements of “Leading Man” and competitiveness and trust… and how all these abstract concepts crystalized in the physical portrayal of this fight, of this scene— packed such a powerful punch for me as a viewer!

Masterfully staged and masterfully acted by both Darren and Chris.

I am truly in awe.

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Kurt ditched Blaine instead of waiting for him to walk to Stage Combat, and Blaine wants to talk about their fight, but Kurt doesn’t. So of course they sing “Love is a Battlefield” as they spar. This is what I do when I have relationship issues, too. This performance is literally everything I’ve always wanted. Great song, great vocal, and great acting performance from Criss and Colfer, a fighting montage. There is no bad here. It’s also worth noting that they had to put Blaine in bulky sweaters to hide Darren Criss’s ridiculous body.

LeakyNews “Glee 5.16 Recap” (X)

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AaronPaul: Thank you @themotley for the great stuff. Really appreciate it. Congrats @darrencriss on all of this. Bravo buddy.

AaronPaul: Thank you @themotley for the great stuff. Really appreciate it. Congrats @darrencriss on all of this. Bravo buddy.

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