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So at G4, we had a Meet & Greet. Darren came in about an hour late due to being held up at the airport, so he got to our table at about 11:45PM. We talked, and there was a woman at our table who was half-Finnish. She told Darren this, to which he responded:

"See, I can’t be Finnish, because I…




favorite klaine moments

So, if what Max talked about at G4 is true, would this have been basically the first scene the two of them ever filmed together? Oh, goodness, they’re so great…

Wow. Still one of my favorite klaine scenes, too. Seriously, that’s incredible. 

Yeah, I had never heard that before. Darren said Max was the first person he met, so it definitely seems like Max extending that story and saying that when they filmed this scene Chris and Darren hadn’t met before is right. Which is incredible, I could certainly never tell.



we were talking tattoos with Darren last night and he said he probably wouldn’t ever get one because he didn’t feel the need to brand himself with anything but that also he’s a international blood donor which means he gives blood once a year and if he got a tattoo he’d have to…